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New 500g Screw top grease cartridges for vacuum grease guns

Click to download FULL PDF - Bulletin 1377

VLB1093 - Lithium Complex 500g

Lithium Complex Grease 500g

VLB1095 - Water Resistant Lithium Complex 500g

Water Resistant Lithium Complex Grease 500g

VLB1096 - EP2 Multipurpose 500g

EP2 Multipurpose Grease 500g

VLB1099 - Moly EP2 500g

Moly EP2 500g

Vapormatic is pleased to announce the introduction of four new 500g screw top grease cartridges to support the existing quality range of grease products.

These new cartridges offer a cleaner, quicker and more efficient delivery of grease and can be used with the Vapormatic Multi gun greasing system VLB1060. They are also compatible with all leading 500g screw in grease guns such as the Fuchs type twin handle grease gun.

There are 12 x 500g grease cartridges supplied in a box