The Vapormatic Vehicle Immobiliser is a robust, secure, yet easy to use keypad system that provides the ultimate solution for the working farmer. Tractors are left immobilised, even if the keys are in the ignition!

Award winning and field proven. With a free 2 year warranty*, the Vapormatic Vehicle Immobiliser is the most cost effective method of tractor security available.

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VIDEO - Setting New Master PIN VIDEO - Setting New Master PIN

VIDEO - Setting Driver PIN VIDEO - Setting Driver PIN

PDF - Installation Manual PDF - Installation Manual

PDF - User Manual PDF - User Manual


How easy is it to fit?

It is a straight forward job for an experienced agricultural engineer to fit the immobiliser. The keypad only has two wires, it connects to an ignition live and a good chassis earth. Find two electrical circuits to break and connect in-line the two immobiliser blockers supplied as well as an ignition live and good chassis earth. All fitting instructions are supplied.

Can I fit it myself?

Yes, however this product should be fitted by a competent and experienced Agricultural engineer, if in any doubt, ask your nearest OEM dealer to fit.

How easy is it to set up?

There is no setting up required, all you will need to do is enter your unique PIN code to get started. Full instructions are provided.

Can I change a PIN code after it has been set up?

Yes. Full operator instructions are included.

What warranty does the product have?

A Standard 12 months warranty applies with an extra 12 months if you register your purchase on our website. (

How many user PIN codes can I set up?

Six. One master code, which can then be used to set up a further five user codes.

Will I need to re-enter a PIN code every time the engine is switched off?

No, the keypad passively re-arms after approximately four minutes of the ignition being switched off. If the ignition is switched back on within this time period the keypad will not require a PIN entry.

How durable is the keypad?

This keypad has been designed to withstand the wear of a minimum of 1 million entries with a scratch proof and wipe clean surface.

How will I see the keypad numbers in the dark?

The keypad is back lit, so will illuminate once the ignition is switched on. The keypad back light will go out after the correct PIN code has been entered.

Will the keypad lock out after three attempts?

No. You can enter as many incorrect codes as you like, the keypad will not lock out.

Is the keypad and components waterproof?

Not entirely. The product has an IP rating of 62 and although the keypad is shower proof, it is not guaranteed to withstand a constant covering of water. These components should be fitted in a dry environment.

Can I get a replacement keypad if the original one gets damaged?

Yes, all of the components can be ordered separately. Please Note: Proof of purchase and vehicle ownership will be required, or registered on our web site for extended warranty.

Where should I keep the keypad override disc?

The keypad override disc transmits wirelessly to the immobiliser blockers bypassing the keypad, it is designed to be used if the keypad has been damaged or removed by an attempted theft. This disc should be kept in a safe place NOT in the Vehicle or within a five metre radius.

I get a replacement keypad override disc if the original gets lost or damaged?

Yes. All components can be ordered. Please Note: Proof of vehicle ownership will be required, or registered on our web site for extended warranty.

What happens if the Li-Ion operating battery goes flat?

This is easily replaced and is a commonly available battery.

What happens if someone rips out the keypad in an attempt to steal the vehicle?

The immobiliser blockers can not be traced back from the keypad as it transmits via a secure wireless code. If the keypad is damaged the keypad override disc should be used to disable the immobiliser. This can be used whilst a new keypad is ordered and fitted. Please Note: Proof of vehicle ownership will be required, or registered on our web site for extended warranty.

Can the wireless transmission be copied and used in an attempted theft?

No, the keypad and the keypad override disc changes it's code each time it transmits.

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