Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Approved

Vapormatic has achieved Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) approved status. This internationally recognised status demonstrates Vapormatic’s commitment to professional business management, that places the customer at the centre of our business.


Customer benefits of Vapormatic's AEO approved status

Vapormatic is committed to maintaining availability of all parts and minimising product costs associated with sourcing and distribution. AEO approved status reinforces that Vapormatic has met certain standards in relation to:

  • Security and management systems
  • Compliance with customs rules
  • Consistency and continuity of supply
  • Minimising lead times for sourcing parts
  • Demonstrating commitment to supply chain security globally

As a customer, you can be reassured that whether it is stock replenishment from a supplier or a shipment of goods to your business, Vapormatic has professional processes in place to minimise any possible business disruption caused by these supply chain or operational practices.

What is 'Authorised Economic Operator' (AEO)

The AEO concept is based on the Customs-to-Business partnership introduced by the World Customs Organisation (WCO). Traders who voluntarily meet a wide range of criteria work in close cooperation with customs authorities to assure the common objective of supply chain security and are entitled to enjoy benefits throughout the EU. The EU established its AEO concept based on the internationally recognised standards, creating a legal basis for it in 2008 through the 'security amendments' to the "Community Customs Code" (CCC) (Regulation (EC) 648/2005) and its implementing provisions.

The programme, which aims to enhance international supply chain security and to facilitate legitimate trade, is open to all supply chain actors. It covers economic operators authorised for customs simplification (AEOC), security and safety (AEOS) or a combination of the two.


What is Authorised Economic Operator approved status

AEO approved status is a certified, internationally recognised standard issued by customs administrations. It certifies that a business has met certain standards in relation to:

  • Security and management systems
  • Compliance with customs rules; and
  • Ongoing solvency

It's not mandatory, but gives quicker access to some simplified customs procedures and, in some cases, the right to 'fast-track' your shipments through some customs and safety and security procedures.

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